Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School

I've cried some tears in the last few days as I've gotten stuff ready for my baby to go to school.  Not huge meltdowns, but just a general weepiness where tears have spilled over at the mere thought of backpacks, pencils, and new friends.  And poor Chad.  Ava made him a little card with Ava and Dad written on it and he fell to pieces. :)  It's no wonder I had several friends texting today asking how MY first day of school was going . . . everyone who knows Ava knows she'll do great . . . mommy and daddy are the basketcases!

Even with days of overwhelming emotions, we were surprisingly dry-eyed today.  It definitely helped that the only moment of hesitation from Ava was when I told her it was time to get out of bed {1.5 hours before her normal wake up time}!  I had made a "Ready for School?" chart of all Ava needed to do to get ready and she rocked it.  {Chad said that's because she is a little ME . . . I can't help it if we both love lists!}  I am going to have to wake her up a few minutes earlier tomorrow though . . . I didn't anticipate her desire to talk through every aspect of the chart before actually doing it!

One of the main reasons Ava was so excited to go was how God answered her prayer for her teacher.  She had an assessment last week where she met all four of the K teachers.  After it was over the only thing she would tell me was that she wanted to be in class with the lady with the dark, curly hair.  I had no idea which teacher this was so we've been praying for a week for a teacher with specific hair!  :)

We tried to use it as a teaching moment for Ava about prayer.  Letting her know that it is fine to hope and to ask God, but in the end we have to trust that God knows what is best for her.  If she didn't get that teacher, then it was because God had a purpose for her in another class.  {What I didn't expect was how much I needed that reminder about trusting the plans of my Father.  Thankful He used the prayers of my sweet girl to speak to my heart as well!}

I went to K orientation yesterday and found out quickly that Ava was in Mrs. Shapiro's class.  The only problem was that I still didn't know who Mrs. Shapiro was!  I waited anxiously for the introductions and then about ended up a puddle of tears when the lady with the dark, curly hair introduced herself as Mrs. Shapiro!  There has been some major praising going on for God answering that prayer!  I also had a moment to share with Mrs. Shapiro that Ava had been praying to be in her class.  She said that it made her day!

A little placemat to get a smile on her face so early in the morning!

Here's my girl ready for her first day!

Brand new backpack on!

Honoring her request for a silly picture. :)

Her cute little cubby!

Right after this picture, I told her that we were going to leave.  Okay, she said.  And that was that.

I don't remember my kindergarten class looking this cool.

Ava had a great first day!  When I asked about her favorite part, she said that she couldn't narrow it down.  I'd call that a success!

I interviewed Ava yesterday about starting school.  These are her exact answers.  I love my girl so much!

First Day of School Interview

Grade:  Kindergarten

School:  Lusher

Teacher:  Mrs. Shapiro & Mrs. Jeannette

Height/Weight:  3 ft. 4 in. / 28 lbs.

Most excited about:  making new friends, learning about math and science, God answering my prayers to be in Mrs. Shapiro's class

Most nervous about:  Nothing.  I was nervous about my teacher, but God answered my prayer.

Things I love:  to pretend, to imagine, riding bikes, daddy/daughter dates, candy

Favorite Food:  peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, red beans & rice

Favorite Show:  Curious George

Favorite Color:  Yellow

When I grow up I want to be:  a nurse and a doctor

Bible verse for the year:  Matthew 22:37-29

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the great and first commandment.  And a second is like it:  You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

 I couldn't leave out the other half of the story.  Grayson is now going to have to get used to lots of Mommy time!  I'm looking forward to it, but I'm afraid he will be bored because clearly I'm not as fun as Ava!  I'm going to keep him doing some stuff with the homeschool group at NOBTS and have a day where he gets to hang out with his bestest friend, Luke.

So after we dropped Ava off, I took Grayson and Luke to see a fire truck and firemen that had come to do a presentation at NOBTS.  They were a little nervous, and then freaked out, and then I turned around to see this . . .


 I might definitely have my hands full with this cutie and his partner in crime!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

That time the whole Superdome cheered for my hubby . . .

 . . . and we lifted that praise right on up to Jesus, the One who deserves all the credit!
I was straight up giddy yesterday.  I listened to the Saints Who Dat Nation theme song as we were getting ready and might have teared up a bit as I literally squealed with excitement.  
God is just so good . . . pouring out sweet blessings that we don't deserve.  We have been so overwhelmed with all that God has done in the last 3 months regarding the transplant and how many doors He has opened for the Good News to be shared.  And it just keeps coming!
I can't but all the night into words so I'll just show a lot of pictures!
We had great seats! We've been to a Saints game two times before, but have always been literally a few rows from the roof.  Again . . . giddy. :)

We had to meet the coordinator at 6 pm so we got there super early {this is one meeting you don't want to be late for!} and had time to check out our seats first!

I love this man.  So blessed.

Warm up.  Jimmy Graham and Drew Brees.  Oh my word!

The view from our seats.  Unbelievable!

My feet are on the field . . . where the Saints play . . . just feet away . . . from me.  Giddy.

Lance Moore getting ready to play {right be me!}.

 I have of course been looking forward to being at a Saints game, going on the field, and seeing Chad presented as an Ochsner Hero, but we've been most excited about getting to see Chad's surgeon, Trevor Reichman, again.  We just really enjoyed all our times talking with him before and after the surgery and as silly as it sounds . . . we just want to be his friend. :)  We had asked Trevor many times to extend our gratitude to his wife . . . he was a great surgeon and caring doctor and we know he couldn't be all those things without her support and sacrifice.  So again, silly, but I have prayed for a chance to meet her {and be her friend too!}.

I wasn't sure if Ana would be at the game, but she was and we just had great conversation while we were on the field waiting for the presentation!  I was able to hear all about their kids and life and then share about our adoption, serving at Edgewater, what I've been learning by teaching Ecclesiastes . . . Jesus was lifted high in our minutes together and I'm so grateful He answered this prayer! 

Drew Brees . . . great quarterback, man of faith, and so close TO ME! :)

 Photo op before the actual pregame presentation.

Chad and Trevor were cracking up the whole time.  

Chad had to smile and wave for the whole 30 second thing.  There was literally a girl standing a few feet in front of him, also waving, so that he would feel like he was waving at someone.  Hilarious.

I told Chad on the way to the game that if anyone had told us when we moved to New Orleans 9 years ago that one day Chad's face would be up on the jumbotron in the Superdome with everyone cheering for him, we would've never believed it.  God writes such better stories for us than we could ever write for ourselves!

Trevor presented Chad with a game ball . . . and then the coordinator immediately took it away.  I'm wondering if we'll get it back?!

610 Stompers at halftime . . . so hilariously amazing!

I don't know if you noticed, but our tickets said that we were in the Bunker Club.  I had no clue what that meant.  Then I saw people walking down to the field and going under our section . . . the Bunker!  It was so obvious that I don't belong in fancy places . . . mainly because I was {giddy} and taking pictures as the people were lounging on couches with fancy food watching the game on massive TVs.   The Bunker is where it's at!

White couches with glowing ottomans.  Seriously?

The bathrooms were even beautiful.  And I might have texted my friend Leah from the bathroom because I was so freaked out by the amazingness of the Bunker.  Again, clearly I don't belong.

Welcome back Coach!

Drew. :)

Jimmy Graham!

Who Dat?!

Such a fun and once in a lifetime date with my love!