Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Provider

Jehovah-Jireh. The Lord will Provide.

We've clung to this aspect of God's character since we got married, but especially since we started the adoption process. We simply don't have $30,000 so we have no other choice (not that we'd want one!) than to trust in God to provide for what He is calling us to do.

And He has. We've been so overwhelmed at the generosity of family and friends toward our adoption. People have given not just generously, but sacrificially and we are so humbled by the support.

We've had two fundraisers this summer and they have been incredible! Friends donated TONS of stuff for our yard sale and we made $1700! Completely blew my mind! We've also sold 103 adoption t shirts so far! Our favorite part in all of this is the awareness that each of these fundraisers has brought/will bring to the overwhelming need of orphans all over the world.

Personally, we've cut our expenses in order to put as much toward our adoption as possible. As we've talked, I've tried to think of how I could contribute to the fund since the going pay rate for a stay at home mom is a big fat zero! I could get a part time job on nights and weekends, which doesn't at all sound appealing, BUT I would be willing to do it if God led us that way. Thankfully, He didn't!

We realized that most plausible way I could help would be to watch another child. We decided not to pursue it, but that we would be willing if God opened that door. So I was not totally surprised last week when I got an email that flung the door wide open!

Our friends, Jason and Terah Sampler, have a little boy, Judson, that is about a year younger than Ava. Terah got notice last week that his daycare is closing at the end of the month. She asked if I would pray about keeping him this semester. So . . . I have a job!

I'll be watching this cutie about 25 hours a week. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about throwing another kid in the mix, but I better get ready because it will be our reality in a year or two! Chad worries that I might lose my mind with two toddlers that don't know how to share. While I have that same sentiment, I'm choosing to embrace this as an opportunity to teach them how to share and interact with other kids in a God honoring way. But I wouldn't turn down any prayers you want to send out for me!!

We're praising God for another way of providing for the adoption of our son. It is nothing compared to the sacrifice that God endured to adopt us, but I am thankful to "sacrifice" in a small way to bring our son home. I also love that God is using us to love and serve the Samplers by taking care of their little man!


  1. It's so not a coincidence that this is the exact story I taught at the conference last weekend: "Tata Diosqa qon, imachus mana kanchu, chayta." And that would be (basically), Father God gives what was not there. What a truly amazing God He is!!

  2. So exciting! I love how God provides! And you'll have your moments with two toddlers who don't know how to share (believe me, I know :) but you'll also be amazed by how much it entertains Ava to have another friend around! In some ways it'll be harder, but in other ways it'll be easier - and fun! :)