Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who We Are & Who He Is

Chad just began preaching the book of Titus this week.  We only looked at four verses, but it was so rich.  Paul was consumed with the Gospel.  And he was constantly challenging the audience of his letters to make the Gospel the center of who they are.  The statement that stood out to me was this . . .

If anything other than the Gospel is orienting your mission and your message, then you are disoriented.

The Gospel must be our center, our foundation, our fuel for mission, and the message we proclaim!  If it isn't,  something is wrong.

A few weeks ago Chad and I had a conversation about this very reality.  Honestly, Chad had been selfish that morning.  (Let me break this to you gently . . . Pastors aren't perfect.  Shocker, I know.  They are men and they mess up.)  So as he confessed and repented, he got to the heart of the issue and said something like this . . . If I really remembered when I woke up in the morning that I am a slave to God, then I wouldn't act with such entitlement and selfishness.

We continued to talk about how we need to focus our hearts on the Gospel EVERY DAY, every moment really.  And if we did, the impact on our heart, attitudes, and behaviors could be dramatically changed.

Now I'm a pretty practical girl.  So I was immediately thinking about how we could actually do this.  How do I have the Gospel before me as I start every morning?


I decided to make some artwork to go in our bathroom so we can meditate on the truths as we get ready in the morning.  (My mom (the real crafty one) helped . . . check out Lili Designs on facebook to see more of her amazing creations!)

We came up with seven statements that proclaim Who We Are and Who He Is.  I pray that meditating on these truths based on God's Word will bear much fruit in our lives!!