Monday, August 13, 2012

Haircuts and our FDL!

My kiddos have been way overdue for haircuts.  I usually trim Ava's myself, but we've been letting it grow so we I could enjoy a few months of ponytails and braids!

Grayson's mop is another story . . . I wouldn't dare to cut his hair!  He has a double crown in the back and I couldn't begin to know what to do with that unless I was just buzzing it off, which I am so not ready to do on my baby boy!

Thankfully we have a friend who does this for a living and was willing to come to the house to give these cute kids a trim!  Thanks Kallyn!

Ava got her cute little bob back!

Before . . . almost getting to the dreaded mullet stage!

The sucker was a brilliant trick to keep him still . . .

until hair fell on the sucker and got stuck all over his hands . . . then he was just done!

After . . . He looks like such a little boy now instead of my sweet baby!

In other exciting news, we got a very important letter in the mail today . . . our FDL!  For those of you not in the world of adoption paperwork, this is the one little letter from US Immigration that you must have in order to adopt!  I wrote a couple of months ago about how there was a problem with our first FDL because of a problem with our homestudy . . . all is resolved now and we are officially ready (at least in the eyes of the government) to welcome Easton home!


  1. Oh, he looks all grown up!!! Isn't it crazy how a haircut can do that?!

    And, HURRAY for the FDL arrival!!! Awesome news!!

  2. Hooray!!!! Rejoicing with y'all! And I didn't know that your 1st name is Catherine! That's my middle name - spelled the same - and that's the name I go by overseas... very cool!