Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Adoption Update

We're starting 2013 down 31 spots from when we got on the waitlist in July!

This month we are number

But here's another number . . .


We've now been on the waitlist for Easton for 7 months.  It seems to have flown by and crept by all at the same time.  Not sure how that works, but it's true.

In reality, this month makes a year and a half since we first started the adoption process.  Now that seems like FOREVER . . . especially since we have no idea how long of a wait we still have ahead of us.  

I've meant it when I've said that we aren't waiting in turmoil.  We know God's timing will be perfect so there is a trust and peace that comes with that truth.  

But waiting is still waiting.  You'd rather have it now . . . especially when you are waiting on your son.  

But if embraced, waiting can be a very profound time.  A time of growth and preparation and joy and learning and savoring each moment .  

Most of all, it can be a time with countless opportunities for proclaiming the Gospel  . . . 

My King knows best and so I will trust in His plans. 

My Savior is worth any heartache experienced as we walk in obedience.

My God will not leave me for one moment while I wait and will give me the strength to wait well.

My Teacher will open the Word to me in new ways through this process and I will see treasures about who He is like never before.

My Refiner will mold me into His likeness through the fears, the grief, the anticipation, the doubt, the anxiety . . . and then the returning to Him as my Rock and Sure Foundation.

Why do we adopt?  Because my Father adopted me through the sacrifice of His Son . . . the Gospel.

I wish I could say I've lived the past year and a half embracing the wait, but I'd be lying. But more often than not . . . and unfortunately there is still more time to grow. :)

So what do I do while we wait?  Enjoy the blessings God has already given me!


  1. As always, SO well said, Cole! I love how you're able to see this time of waiting as a chance for fruitfulness! Thank you for sharing this...definitely spoke to my heart today!!!

  2. If you discover the secret on waiting patiently and contently in the Lord, which I feel like you have in a lot of ways based on this post, keep sharing it with me!! Love you, dear friend!!

  3. Love you ladies! Leah ... no secret insight here! The only thing I come back to is the Gospel ... if I am looking back to the Cross and looking forward to Jesus' return, the "right now" is seen with different eyes, including the excruciating wait!

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