Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Orleans Favorites

Last weekend we took the kiddos to experience a few New Orleans favorites!

Chad and I had been talking of how ashamed we were that Ava is 4 and had yet to ride on a NOLA streetcar.  We put it on the "Things to do on Chad's day off" list!

Last Saturday our great friend Leah Brown was in town and came by the house to catch up for a bit.  Leah was a member of Edgewater for years while she lived in New Orleans and we were blessed to send her out several years ago as a missionary to Bolivia.  Leah is in the States until January when she will head to Peru to  continue making disciples of all nations.

We asked Leah her plans for the night and she confessed that she really wanted to go eat at Camellia Grill and ride a streetcar, but she hated to go alone.  It took about two seconds for us to change our plans and jump on the chance to hang out with Leah AND take our kiddos to experience some of our favorites!

I was shocked that on a beautiful Saturday night we were able to walk right in to Camellia Grill because the line is usually far out the door.  This yummy place exudes true NOLA character . . . our waiter has been working there for 19 years and all the staff refer to everyone who walks in as "baby."

Grayson really wanted to be in daddy's lap and be done with pictures!

After our delicious dinner, we hopped right on the St. Charles street car.  The kids LOVED it!  Ava spend the ride trying to decide which house she liked best . . . the $4 million or the $5 million?!  Grayson enjoyed waving out the window to everyone who looked his way!

We are so blessed that God has planted us in this amazing city.  What a treat to enjoy a few of our favorites with one of our favorite people!


  1. Great photos!! I was SO thankful to God for that time!

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