Monday, October 1, 2012

September Waitlist Number and a Giveaway

Our waitlist number for September is . . .

(down 2 spots from 105 in August)

Not gonna lie, I was definitely hoping for double digits. :(  

Each number represents a family waiting.  And each family is waiting for a precious son or daughter (or both).  

Please pray with us that the numbers would drop . . . not just so we are closer to Easton, but on behalf of those who these numbers represent . . . the amazing little ones waiting for a forever family!

People have been asking how we are doing in the wait.  Honestly, we're at a good place.  

One, we certainly aren't just sitting around while we wait . . . our two littles keep us plenty busy so there isn't much time to dwell on the fact that Easton isn't here yet.

Two, we are intentionally trying to trust in the sovereignty and perfect timing of God.  When the time is right, we'll get the call.  Simple as that.  Worrying about it won't do anything to help us in the meantime.  That isn't to say that we aren't waiting with anticipation and excitement, because we definitely are.  There is an ache for our son and the hope of meeting him soon, but it isn't filled with anxiety or frustration, instead it is a peace that surpasses understanding . . . thank you Jesus!

So we're good.  But please don't stop asking.  It encourages our hearts to know that others are just as excited about Easton as we are!

So in anticipation that October will be a crazy month of referrals and with hope that we'll be in double digits soon . . . 

I'm giving away an adoption t-shirt!

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on the blog.  But don't leave me bored . . . tell me something fun or an encouraging word for our wait or a prayer for Easton . . . it won't give you a better chance to win, but it will make my heart happy! :)

The only bad news is that I only have sizes Large, Extra Large, and 2X.  But even if that isn't your size, you can still enter to win and then have a fun prize to give away!

I'll announce the winner on Thursday afternoon!  Thanks for walking this journey with us!


  1. I love following along on this journey via your blog! I will celebrate every number along with you guys! Praying :)

  2. Sometimes I get so fixated on our number getting smaller, that I forget that every number represents a family waiting. Thank you for this reminder. Can't wait to count you down to the end and see Easton in your arms!
    Catherine Besk

  3. Cole - I love this post because I was pretty discouraged this month with the lack of movement. I went a little crazy trying to average out the movement and calculate how much longer we'll be waiting...and I lost sight of exactly what you said here. That this will happen in God's perfect time. He is in control and I have to let it go. I can't take over and make this happen on my own. Thanks for the beautiful words, as always!! Praying for the Gilbert family!

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  5. It will come before you know it! We have dear friends in Birmingham who just got their travel call! They get to go get their daughter from South Koroea October 10th! I know you guys can't wait!

  6. If it makes you feel any better, we are #129...

    I agree, the wait is so hard. I just keep focusing on the fact that when we get our referral, that will be THE child God has chosen for our family - so cool that He is never early or late, always on time. Not my time, His time!

  7. I think it's pretty neat you just posted about this because I was thinking about y'all and wondering how you were doing with 'the wait.' I love your heavenly perspective, knowing that He is sovereign and His timing is completely perfect.

    Father, I pray for sweet Easton. I've never laid eyes on him, but love him already. I ask your protection over him. May He know you are near and that You love him so much! I pray for my sweet friends as they wait to meet him face to face. May they know their waiting is not in vain! Thank you, Father, that you desire to set the lonely in families! How we will rejoice on the day Easton is joined with his forever family! We love you, Abba! Amen.

    Love you, Cole!

  8. Praying with you for a big October!

  9. I just wanted to say that your journey for and with Easton is inspiring. Also, one of the happiest days I have had is when my ,who are also adopting from Ethiopia, called me to let me know that had been placed with their little girl. Not only could they say, she's ready I got to see her! Getting to see their wait list number go down was work but now, they hope to bring their baby girl home around Christmas.
    Easton is loved by many and is being prayed for by many. Plus, getting to watch your wait list number go down is exciting! I know I can't wait to meet him and I know you guys are on the edge of your seat waiting for the day you can let friends and family know that all you have to do is go get him and you get to share his picture. That will be such an exciting day!!