Monday, December 3, 2012

November Waitlist Number

Finally (officially) in double digits!

I'm excited to see some movement this month, but I have to be honest . . . these past few weeks have been hard.  I don't know if it is the holidays, but my heart is aching and tears are falling a little more than usual.

These are the moments that I'm so thankful for how God has written our story, though.  I can let my mind wander to the fact that if we had done a domestic adoption, we would most likely have a child in our arms right now.  But I can quickly take those thoughts captive by looking back to how clearly God led us to the truth that our son is in Africa.  Yes, this means a longer wait, but when I see his sweet face, I will know that every day of waiting was worth it.

It just seems that I've had to remind myself a little more frequently that this wait is in God's plan, is for our good, will bring us to Easton, and is something I can and will endure by His Spirit.

We've only been on the waitlist since July, but we started the adoption process in June of last year.  

A year and a half.  



And waiting . . .

So if you have a moment, would you pray for our hearts?  

Pray for peace in God's plan, pray that we will embrace all that God desires to do in and through us while we wait, and pray that God will lavish His grace on Easton and Easton's birthfamily.

Thank you!


  1. Praying, Cole! I know how hard waiting is. I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I know that it can be really hard on your heart. I also know God is VERY MUCH at work, even when it feels like very little is happening. Isaiah 64:4 talks about Him doing awesome, unexpected things during the time of waiting. Praying this for you. Love you guys!

  2. Praying right now, Cole.... hugs, friend!!

  3. I love y'all so much!! Sometimes I wish our burdens were physically visible - if I could see this physical weight called "waiting" on you, I would take off and try to bear as many pounds of it as I could!! But I guess that's what prayer does... that God somehow miraculously works through the prayers of His people to carry our burdens, lighten our load. So I will try my darndest to remember you guys in prayer frequently, and I trust that all the prayers being said by many on your family's behalf are rising up as sweet incense to the Father.