Saturday, July 20, 2013

Daddy/Daughter & Mommy/Son Date Night

Date night with the kiddos made it on the summer fun list and has been a much anticipated event in the Gilbert house!  Every time Ava has gone somewhere with Chad, she has been quick to remind us that this isn't their "big" date. :)  She picked out her dress earlier this week, but then also had some strong opinions about what Daddy should wear {the jeans and nice shirt didn't satisfy so she picked out the pants, dress shirt, jacket, and tie!}.

Grayson, on the other hand, I almost couldn't get out the door for our "big" date because he just wanted to keep playing with his cars.  Boys. :)

Chad wanted to get Ava some flowers, but decided that might be too expensive.  A little later our friend Adrian called because his wife, Leah, had gotten a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her last day at work, but they were going out of town and hated to just let the flowers die in their apartment.  He knew it was random, but just wondered if Chad would want them.  How amazing is our God?!

Chad rang the doorbell and surprised Ava with her flowers!  We're starting early teaching our precious girl what it looks like for a man to value and love her!

Chad surprised Ava with dinner at her favorite restaurant, East of Italy.  My tiny girl will demolish a bowl of their alfredo pasta!  Chad's favorite quote from dinner {as he was asking Ava questions} . . . "Dad, instead of all this talking, can you just tell me stories from when you were a little boy?"  Evidently her dates are more about entertainment and less about getting to know each other. :)

After dinner they went to the lakefront to look at the water and then to walk along the levee.  They also went to see the Milneburg Lighthouse that was built in 1855.  We love living in NOLA for so many reasons, but lots of fun things to do and see for free is definitely a perk!

 Grayson was having a tougher time catching on to the idea of our date night, but once I drug him away from his cars and got him in the van, we were good to go!  Oh I love this little man!  He is growing up so much and now that he can really talk, his compassionate, joyful, and rambunctious personality is coming out in full force!

 Since Grayson doesn't get excited about restaurants as much as he does about just eating, I decided just to go to McD's!  This pic was taken right before he dropped his {first} cheeseburger on the floor without even taking one bite.  :)  While we were eating, I told Grayson that Psalm 138 is the one that I pray for him.  He said, "Say it to me Mama?"  Melt. My. Heart.  I spoke that Word over my little man as we munched on fries and treasured the moment in my heart.

After dinner we headed to City Park to feed the geese.  These geese were hungry and aggressive!  That part of our date only took about 30 seconds because we were trying to get the bread out of our hands before the crazy things attacked!  Grayson thought it was hilarious and then spent a few minutes chasing geese and squirrels.  This was certainly adding up to be a dream date for my boy!

I catch my breath when I look at this sweet face and get overcome with gratitude that God has blessed me with such a gift.  He is pure joy!

After the geese episode, we walked down Carrollton to look at a fire truck . . . every little boy's dream!  {I, however, stepped in ants so it was a little more like a nightmare for me!}

Our last stop was Lakeview Grocery where we just so happened to run into Daddy and Ava!  This neighborhood grocery store has kid sized ice cream cones that are self serve and only a quarter!  Perfect dessert choice!

We ended the night by walking over to another fire station where a kind fireman let the kids see inside the truck and stand on the front.  They were in awe and just kept thanking him over and over!

Date Night was a success!  We are so blessed to have these two little treasures and had a blast surprising them with special dates!

What are some of your cheap ideas of stuff to do with your kiddos?

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  1. You have both created treasured memories for these precious ones