Sunday, July 28, 2013

Who Dat Surprise!

We got a really fantastic surprise this week . . .

Chad's surgeon, Dr. Reichman, called on Monday wanting to know if we had plans on August 9th.  No, but we do now . . . we'll be at the Saints first pre-season game!!

Ochsner is one of the biggest sponsors for the Saints and evidently they take time during one game each season to highlight the transplant program by honoring one of the donors as a local hero.  

I'm married to this year's hero. :)

Chad told Dr. Reichman that it feels really weird because seriously, all he did was sleep on the operating table . . . Dr. Reichman is the real hero!  But Chad said he would be happy to be part of it if it helped highlight the program {and if we could have two tickets so I could go to!}.

Chad doesn't get to say anything when they do the presentation before the game, but he did ask them to include in the script that he is the pastor of Edgewater.  This isn't an open mic to preach the Gospel, but we pray that the mention that he is a pastor will be used by God to draw many to Himself.

We are so excited and have just been laughing about it in unbelief all week.  We could have never imagined all the opportunities to share that have come from this transplant . . . a Baptist Message article, a Times Picayune article, Chad getting to talk and pray with people considering donation, a chance for Chad to preach at FBC Lafayette {Chad's parent's church}, and now a presentation at a Saints game! 

We don't really know what God is up to, but to Him be the glory!



  1. how awesome!!!!! So exciting!!!!!! :)

  2. Cole will you please post about Ava's first day at school and send a picture. Still praying for Chad and Miss Tina.