Thursday, October 6, 2011

We've got great friends! :)

Don't worry . . . this isn't one of my usually "wordy" posts! :)  God has been teaching me so much and refining me constantly, but I'll save that for another day!

We have been so blessed by a few friends lately and I just wanted to share . . .

Our friends, Calvin and Erica Ho, are also adopting a little boy from Ethiopia.  In fact, they are #1 on the list so should be getting that life-changing phone call any day now!  You can follow their amazing journey on their blog.

Erica is one talented and crafty lady!  When I saw that Erica had made the cutest Africa shirts for her kiddos, I did what any girl who can't sew would do . . . I begged for her to make some for mine!  I found cute, but cheap fabric and little t shirts and a week later Erica sent back these amazing shirts!  I love that this is a way for Ava and Grayson to spread the word about our adoption as people ask about their shirts.  Believe me, Ava has NO problem telling anyone who will listen about her brother Easton from Ethiopia!

I absolutely LOVE these shirts!  Thanks Erica!

I got Ava's shirt in a 3T so she'll probably be able to wear it until she is 8!!

Our friends Paul and Joy Hanson also found a creative way to partner with us in our adoption.  Their little boy, Isaiah, was having an "African Safari" first birthday party.  They invited family and friends to bring change to the party to help us bring Easton home from Africa!

Paul and Joy embraced this as an opportunity to not only bless us, but to teach their son about God's heart for orphans and how we can all be a part of showing that Love in tangible ways. 

Thank you friends!

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