Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Grayson!

My baby is no longer a baby.

sniff, sniff.

No more bottles.  No more baby food.  I'm sure he'll be walking soon and then the last of the "babyness" will be gone. 

What a year we have had with Grayson . . . my little monkey, bruiser, buddy, little man or currently (and most accurately) the destroyer!

I could write so much about the joy that Grayson has brought to our lives.  The way God has used him to teach us and refine us.  The vast differences I've discovered between boys and girls because of my son that is definitely all boy.

But I won't.  Because my boy has had a high fever all day and I have a feeling it is going to be a really long night.  He is in the phase of pretty much only wanting Daddy when he's home (knife to the heart for this mommy, but I keep reminding myself it is a good thing for him to love his Daddy so).  But somehow Mommy is the one he needs at night, so I'll be up at 3 am with medicine dropper in hand!

So I'm just going to post a bunch of cute pictures of my sweet (gulp) 1 year old son!  Some from this year and then some from his birthday party.

My little man (5 lbs 12 ozs) came nine days early . . . 5 days before my scheduled c-section.  I was sick and literally coughed myself into labor!  Such a precious (early) gift from God!

Grayson started having tremors the day after he was born.  He spent 24 hours in the NICU as they ran a bunch of tests for seizures or neurological issues.  Just like with Ava, we had to place him in God's hands and just trust our Heavenly Father and Healer.  The tests came back fine and the tremors went away within a few weeks!

Going home from the hospital . . . ready to figure out how to be a family of four!

 My boy bulked up in no time . . . here he is at 3 months.

 Grayson's baby dedication (really, parent dedication) at Edgewater in May (5 months).

My little Linus!  Grayson sucks his finger AND is a blankie kid.  He doesn't discriminate, though.  Any fabric will do.  What a combo . . . I love it!

Who Dat?!  Grayson loves to throw his football and of course loves rooting for the SAINTS!  How cute is he just chillin before the game with our friend JB?!

 I love this picture . . . minus the hives all over his forehead from being licked by a dog.  (Who knew you could be allergic to dog saliva?  You can.  He is.)  Our friend, Erica, made him this Africa shirt so he could spread the word about Easton!

Cutest giraffe I've ever seen.  Ever.

Definitely a Daddy's boy!  I don't mind (okay sometimes I do . . . can't Mommy get a little attention!) because he's got one great Daddy and it would bless my heart for Grayson to become a man that follows in his Daddy's footsteps. 

Caught this pic the one second that Grayson decided to leave his hat on!  Won't ever happen again, but so cute!

Grayson and Mommy at his 1st Birthday Party! 

 Thanks to pinterest, mom and I made the cutest monkey cupcakes and they were so easy!

Ready for his cupcake!  Such a second child though . . . unlike Ava, this was not his first taste of chocolate.  :) 

I love technology (sometimes)!  Chad's mom is really sick so they weren't able to physically come to the party, but that didn't stop them from enjoying the festivities!  Chad skyped with his parents so they could sing Happy Birthday and watch him enjoy his cupcake!

You can't come to a party at my house without playing a game!  The adults got to guess what age Grayson is in each picture.  The winner got 12 out of 24 right!  Hard game, but great way to have lots of cute pictures of my boy!

  A little fun with balloons . . . Grayson was obsessed!

We are beyond blessed with our precious girl and now ONE YEAR OLD son!  "Praise God from whom all blessings flow . . ."


  1. How fun to celebrate with y'all in this way - I love technology, too! :) I love all the pics and seeing how the kids are growing up! Happy Birthday, Grayson!!

  2. Savanah has started to suck her finger that way now that her paci "broke"....I had not seen it until I looked through these pics of your CUTE boy! Too fun!

  3. Just started following your blog today from Erica's link....so excited for y'all and especially enjoyed your Christmas Blog. Glad to know we aren't the only ones trying to figure out how to make sure it stays about Jesus. Elliott saw the baby pic of Grayson and said, "Guess who dat is, Momma! It's baby Jesus!" I laughed and thought it would tickle you too.