Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween High/Low

We've started playing High/Low at dinner each night.  Everyone gets a chance to share their high and their low for the day.  Ava picks the order we go in (shocker) and she has really gotten in to it . . . sometimes even surprising us with what she chooses.  It's turned in to a great new family tradition!

Anyway, it's been a big day so I'm going to do a little high/low to share!

Bad news first . . . We got our October waitlist number and while it is my low for the day, low definitely isn't the word to describe our new number.  102 this month.  Bleh.  If you didn't remember, we were 103 last month.

As I said in September, we really are trusting in God's timing, but it is definitely still disappointing to see such little movement when you know that there are so many orphans who need families and so many families waiting to welcome a little one in.  I'm praying for God to work in mighty ways this month . . . referrals, court dates, embassy dates, and kiddos coming home as sons and daughters!

Definitely a low, but I have two highs to make up for it!

Fran came over today with Liam and Clara, her two cuter-than-cute kiddos!  Fran and I were roommates in college and God has blessed us to stay so close and even live only 30 minutes apart so we can have play dates like this!  Our times together are getting crazier with every kid we add, but it is priceless to drink coffee, talk about what God is doing in our lives, and marvel at how much has changed since our days at Tech (10 years ago!).

And of course Halloween was a high for today!  My princess and dinosaur were adorable!

This Edgewater's fourth year of Make the Most of Halloween and it was awesome again this year!  We have dinner at the church and then go out as groups to trick or treat in the neighborhood.

But along with candy, we also pick up food that our neighbors donate for our Fuel the Future project to fight hunger in our community.  Bags of food are sent home from school with kids on Friday so that at risk kids are assured to have food over the weekend.  One of our life groups coordinates all this, but we've been amazed at how our neighbors have jumped on board to help this cause!

These two are so serious, but so cute!

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  1. I love this!! I had similar "highs and lows" yesterday :) Ready for a BIG month in November! But I also loved Halloween with my littles. Your cuties are adorable!!! Sounds like a fun day together!!