Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Swingin', Paintin', Ridin', Readin'

Not a lot so say today, but some great pictures to share!

I'm a little late, but WE HAVE OUR SWING SET!

We've had it for a couple of weeks now and it is amazing!  The kids are no longer bored outside (although some days I'd prefer boredom to the number of new ways Grayson has to hurt himself!).  And Ava now has a two-story house to manage when she assumes her role as "mommy" to all her babies.

Chad and Papa T built a floor (Ava's stage, of course) on the bottom.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch out there just today!  Already, on several of Chad's days off, our whole family has spent hours out here . . . the kids running, sliding, and swinging while Chad and I have been able to sneak in quality adult conversation unnoticed. :)

None of it would have been possible without our crew!  Huge thanks to Tim, Papa T, and JB for giving up a Saturday morning and working so hard to bless our family!

Grayson is growing up so much I can hardly stand it.  He'll now (somewhat) participate in the art projects I plan and he LOVES to color.

He's also taken over Ava's bike (and unfortunately for him, her princess helmet too)!  He rides all over the place and is quick to jump back on even when that mean bike throws him off!

I so love living in New Orleans.  Obviously the food and culture of NOLA is incredible.  But I also just love that there are so many amazing free things to do!

Last weekend we spent the morning at the public library's book fest on St. Charles.  Free food, crafts for the kiddos, and we walked out with 25 free books (most of which went under the bed to save for Christmas . . . I'm just hoping I remember that in December!)

Ava had the privilege of meeting Ruby Bridges and getting her book signed.  Our sweet Ava, like most young kids, thinks nothing of skin color in a negative way.  She's even said she's excited to have a brown brother one day!  So it was a heartbreaking moment to explain to her the significance of what Ruby did as a little girl.  What a sad history to have to teach, but praise God that he is raising up a new generation who will know that value comes from our Creator and not our color!

They had a stage where local authors read their children's books.  We got to hear one of our favorites, Goodnight NOLA, read!

Not so interested in the books, but these Clifford ears are a blast!

This is our Life Group.  We meet every Monday night at our house for dinner, discussion, accountability, prayer, laughs, coffee, crazy kids, orphan care, and a common desire to know God and make Him known.  Oh how I love these friends!  

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  1. Love the update!! Looks like you all have been busy and having fun :)! LOVE the new swingset! SO fun!!!