Tuesday, November 1, 2011

3rd Adoption Raffle: Fleur de Lis Bundle

It's that time again!  We've been so blessed by our adoption raffles so far and hope that this prize gets lots of you excited about having a creative way to partner with us to bring our son home from Ethiopia!  Hopefully you've read this post about all that has happened in the last week, but if not, just know that things are moving quickly, which makes us even more excited about these fundraising opportunities!

This raffle has some New Orleans flair and would make a great prize . . . Christmas is just two months away!  Or you can just keep it for yourself if you win.  No shame there!

My mom started her own little crafty business last year, Lili Designs.  She even has a facebook page now (look her up . . . she has great stuff!).  She is so excited about our adoption and has taken initiative in finding creative ways to help us in this journey.  She had a yard sale in September and has now donated some of her creations for us to raffle. 

Fleur de Lis Bundle:

A 7x9 frame for a 4x6 picture

 3 tile magnets

4 Coasters

8 blank note cards (4 black and 4 brown)

2 embroidered tea towels
1 pair of Premier Designs earrings

Not by Lili Designs, but still really great!

That's a lot of fantastic Fleur de Lis goodies!  I'm sure you can picture someone on your Christmas list right now that would love to get this bundle from you!

So here is how the raffle will work . . .

A $5 donation will receive 1 entry for the raffle.
A $10 donation will receive 3 entries for the raffle.
A $20 donation will receive 7 entries for the raffle.
If you give more than $20, I'll let you know about the number of entries!

Steps to enter the raffle . . .

1. Use the Donate (PayPal) button on the right side of the blog to make your donation or you can pay me directly.
2. Let me know about your donation through facebook, email or by commenting on this post.
3. I will send you an entry number(s).
4. I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.

After you donate, if you share the link to this blog post on your blog or on facebook, I'll give you an extra entry! Just comment on this post to let me know that you shared the link!

I'll announce the winner on Saturday, November 5th so you have a little less than a week to donate and spread the word!

Remember that all the donations will go to bring our son home from Ethiopia! Thank you for walking this journey with us in such fun ways!


  1. I made a donation through paypal. I hope that since it came out of my paypal balance it won't keep that much back. I also shared the link on facebook :)

  2. Hey Cole! This is Tracy and Ed. Just purchased some tickets!

  3. Krissi Howie VandagriffNovember 3, 2011 at 6:59 AM

    Hi Cole! My name is Krissi Vandagriff, I'm an old friend of Chad's (he'll know me as Krissi Howie). I've loved following your adoption journey and appreciate how honest and open you have been with your fears, joys, and struggles through this process. Thank you for sharing. I entered the raffle, just a small way to support y'all through this process.