Friday, November 18, 2011

Our cup overflows!

Blown. Away.  We are absolutely in awe of God's provision, always really, but especially for this adoption.  The cost is always the hot topic when it comes to adoption.  How much?  HOW MUCH?  Holy moly . . . $30,000 is such a big number that most people, including me, can't even wrap their minds around where that money will come from.  This is how I felt when we started, but deep down I had a sense of peace.  Our God is Jehovah Jireh . . . He will provide and I will trust Him to do it.

We started this journey in June by asking a few family and friends to pray for us as we sought God's plan.  That same week we got our first donation to our adoption fund . . . a sacrificial gift from dear friends that God used to confirm and encourage our hearts that we were walking in His will.

So here we are.  5 months later.  And we're blown away with the generosity that has been shown from family, friends and even strangers new friends!  We have loved seeing our t-shirts worn all over New Orleans and the US!  Our yard sale and craft fair sales were so much more than we could have expected.  The raffles on the blog have been so fun . . . who doesn't love to give away fun prizes?!

And then there are the cards we receive with a check inside.  I can't tell you how humbling it is to open one of those.  Rest assured that we praise our Father for every gift received . . . to Him be the glory.

We opened one such letter today.  We don't know this family, but they gave generously and are praying for our sweet Easton. 

After thanking Jesus, I went to record the gift in my spreadsheet . . . cause you know I have a spreadsheet for everything!  I realized that this gift brought us to a huge milestone . . .

We have $15,000 for our adoption!!!

Again, to God alone be the glory!  This is the amount we needed for the first part of this process.  We've actually already had to spend half of that, with the other half due in the next few months.  Praise God for providing ALL we need right now.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed, given, sported our t-shirt, donated for a raffle, and loved us like the Church is designed to love!  Our cup overflows!


  1. It truly is amazing to watch how God works in adoption!! We, too, have been constantly blown away at how He has provided for ours and how he has confirmed over and over that this truly is HIS will - not ours!! It is the most freeing experience of my life!!! So, so happy for you guys and I love watching your journey unfold. Praying for you, too.

  2. Super excited for you and your family! (a friend of Carianne Pritchett's...and once my household goods get here, I can finally mail off an order for a tshirt :D)