Thursday, November 24, 2011

Purchase with a Purpose

I do not like to shop.  I know . . . what kind of girl doesn't like to shop?  This one!  Usually it is because one of two things end up happening.  1) I have money, but can't find a single thing that I like or that fits.  or 2) I find lots of things I would like, but have no money to buy them.  Either way, it stinks.  I will say, though, that having kids has changed this a bit.  I can get lost in cute little kid outfits!

So all this Black Friday stuff is just crazy to me.  There is absolutely nothing that I need or want bad enough to get out in the middle of the night when people are literally getting C.R.A.Z.Y! 

If you're shaking your head in agreement . . . I've got just the thing to help you get your Christmas shopping done without having to endure the midnight madness. 

If you love the rush of camping out next to strangers, racing down aisles, and grabbing the very last $12 laptop, then go for it.  But still check out this stuff for all the Christmas prizes you don't find tonight!

I'm part of a facebook group for families adopting from Ethiopia through AGCI.  One of the ladies put together everyone's fundraisers on her blog.  What a better way to shop for Christmas . . . from the comfort of your home, buying great stuff for those you love, and all the sales go to bringing a little one home from Ethiopia!

The Casper Family – Art Prints
The Rippke Family – Graphic Print and Web/Blog Design
The Casper Family – Blog Design

The Rippke Family – Printed or DIY Photo Christmas Cards
The Bloodsworth Family – Ornaments email
The Casper Family – Christmas CD

The Biggerstaff Family –
The Rippke Family –
The Bishop Family –
The Koss Family -
The DeCourdres Family -
The Casper Family -
The Braddy Family -
The Manuel Family -

The Koss Family – Wristlet Keychains
The Koss Family – Jewelry
The McKnight Family – Messenger Bags, Purses, Wallets/Clutches
The Braddy Family – Magazine Necklaces
The Biggerstaff Family – Tutus
The Baily Family – Jewelry (until Nov. 25 so order fast!)

The McKnight Family – Home Goods
The Bloodsworth Family – Homeward Bound Cookbooks email
The Cookman Family – Placemats (They get a portion of each order through Dec 15th that writes “Cookman Adoption” in the note to seller box at checkout.)
The Manuel Family – Photo Frames email
The McGee Family – Owls and Wreaths

(families get 40% of any sales with their name chosen as the affiliate during checkout.)
The Manuel Family – Use affiliate name Megan Manuel
The Rippke Family – Use affiliate name Ashley Rippke
The Koss Family – Use affiliate name Becky Koss
The Cookman Family – Use affiliate name Rory Cookman

The Casper Family – Basket Giveaways
The Gilbert Family – Raffle Tickets

The Gilbert Family – Tshirts
The Braddy Family – Tshirts
The Biggerstaff Family – Tshirts and scarves

These are some more sites that sell items benefiting Africa and/or orphan care.
fashionABLE -
Tukula –
Lifesong for Orphans –
147 Million Orphans –
Show Hope -
Krochet Kids -
Light Gives Heat -
Feed The Orphans –
Olive Tree Promise -

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