Monday, November 7, 2011

Crafts, a mascot, and a must read

This is a smorgasbord of a post . . . just a quick update of a few things going on in our lives.

Last Thursday night, my bff, Lisa Ray, and I had a table at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary's annual craft fair.  Your probably thinking . . . Wait?  I don't remember Cole being super crafty.  You'd be right.  I'm not.  That's the beauty of having a best friend that is!!  Lisa and Charlie (C3 is what the Gilberts call him) have been great friends for years, huge supporters of our adoption, and are also demonstrating God's heart for the orphan by being foster parents . . . they challenge us in our faith in ways they don't even know! 

Lisa is all kinds of crafty and really outdid herself!  Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of our table, but it was covered with capri sun creations (who knew you could make such cute stuff out of trash?), hand rolled paper bead jewelry, handmade cards, and hair bows.  Lisa spent so much time working on all these creations and was overwhelmingly generous in donating all the profits to our adoption fund.  And then there was me . . . selling our not-at-all-handmade adoption t-shirts!

Here's the sign I made for our table . . .

We had a great night and were shocked to realize at the end that we made $445!  Thanks to everyone who bought some of our goodies!  We also gained something amazing for Easton on Thursday night . . . a mascot!  Caroline Garrett bought one of our shirts and immediately started sporting it to draw attention to our table.  A few minutes later she comes over with an Africa and a big E painted on her face!  I love that this sweet girl who loves Jesus and already loves our little boy will be a part of Easton's story!

Last night we had an unexpected blessing.  One of the Edgewater Life Groups that meets together on Sunday nights showed up at our house.  Their ministry focus is widows and the elderly so we were trying to figure out how we fit into that!  They piled in our living room and proceeded to speak words of affirmation and encouragement to Chad and I as a way to celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month (it was in October, but if you missed it, it isn't too late . . . tell your pastor (and his wife) you appreciate him.  It will mean more than you know!).  They shared words that encouraged our hearts, but rightly gave all the glory to God.  They ended by laying hands on us and having a time of prayer for each one of us in the family, even Easton!  What a blessing to be a part of a faith family that is all about being the Church!

Last, but definitely not least . . . I want to you to read a post from another blog.  Jen Hatmaker is a mom, author (so that's why her blog is SO good!), and has adopted two kiddos.  This post is for everyone who knows anyone in any stage of the adoption or foster care process.  It gives honest and true insight into things NOT to say or do, but also what you CAN do to encourage those on this journey.  Definitely worth the read!


  1. Wow. That blog made me laugh. It really is a good read, not just for adoption but for many struggles in life. There was one minor theological difference of belief, but otherwise, I loved it, and it gave me great insight. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I'm on your blog. Yay!!!!!!!!