Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Florida Vacation

I'm going to let a whole bunch of pictures do the talking about our vacation . . . they will be able to express what an amazing time we had much better than I could with words!  ( I haven't figured out yet how to make pictures into those cool little collages to condense them so you'll have to just keep scrolling!  It'll be worth it though, there are some great ones of my cuties at the end!)

For family vacation/celebrating my brother's college graduation, my parents used their time-share to take all of us (my parents, us, my bro, and his girlfriend) to Panama City, Florida.  Glo,Ri.Ous.

We had an incredible week full of relaxation, time to meditate on the Word, lots of pool time, 1 hour on the beach (the littles hated it!), golf, good food, game nights (including a 3 hour round of Catchphrase), naps, beautiful weather, time to read (all 3 Hunger Games books), and so much laughter!

At least we got one good picture from our minutes at the beach!

Even the blanket didn't help with his hatred for the sand!

Ava girl loved the water with Daddy, but had no patience with the sand getting all over her!

Okay . . . how cute is he?!  Slap a fanny pack on and he's the cutest tourist you'll ever see!

I know I'm biased, but her beauty takes my breath away at times.  What a precious gift!

Uncle Clay shaved and Grayson couldn't quite figure it out. :)

Pool Time!!

 Grayson had NO fear!  He just jumped in and I guess was banking on someone being there to catch him.  Stressed me out, but he loved every minute!

They had a little putting green and it looks like I have two golfers on my hands!

Ava got to paint a frame for her room . . . it ended up very "glitterific"!

Eating lunch in a boat at Margaritaville!

Grayson play so hard, but when he sees a blankie and that finger goes in, he is a snuggly bug!

We went to Pier Park to ride "Thomas" and to do the other carnival rides.  The kids loved it!

The office at the resort had "orange water" out all the time.  Ava enjoyed this treat several times a day and asked about making some as soon as we got home.  :)

Amazing trip, amazing family, and such a great great God!

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  1. Oh, you are making me crave some sun and sand time with our family!! I love all of these photos - this looks like such a relaxing, rejuvenating trip!! You are all positively glowing!! :-)