Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Funny Boy

I have a thousand things that I need to be doing right now . . . packing for our Florida trip, final touches on my Sunday School lesson, and the list goes on . . . but I didn't want to leave town before posting a few cute pictures and a video of my boy!

Grayson is growing up so fast and is just plain hilarious.

He has seen Chad and Ava pretend to sing into a microphone so now he grabs anything, holds it to his mouth, and runs around the house yelling singing beautifully at the top of his lungs.  This new trick is actually only funny for about 10 seconds and then we start losing our minds because we can't even hear ourselves think, much less have a conversation!

Grayson also LOVES to clean.  Okay, not so much clean, but he loves to push around a mop or broom. :)  Recently I walked away from the vacuum and came back to find him hard at work.  Not sure why the oven mitt was needed, but he wouldn't take it off!

He's gotten really into books lately, especially ones with trucks or tractors.  How are boys automatically into that kind of stuff?!  Anyway, I found him chillin in his carseat the other day with a few good books!

My little man is also starting to talk more and more and it is SO. STINKIN. CUTE.

I captured a few of his new words on video during one of the rare moments of relative calm, but something is out of whack and I can't upload a video on here.  I'll post it on facebook if you want to here him talk!

We're off to Panama City tomorrow after church for a week of relaxation with my family.  I had intended to post another part of my HIV series before leaving, but it just didn't happen and I sure won't be on the computer this week!

I'll start the series again when I get back AND I have an awesome raffle coming up the first week of June!

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  1. My boys love to clean too! They take it so's adorable! Have a wonderful and relaxing trip!!! :-)