Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From Little Bro to Mr. Lambert

My little brother, Clay, graduated from Emporia State University this weekend . . . such a huge milestone for him that I didn't want to miss!  We are 7 years apart and have lived hundreds of miles apart for half of his life, but we are still close and huge supporters of each other . . . Clay has been encouraging from Day 1 as we've pursued our adoption.  I'm so proud of all he has accomplished and the man he has become!

Emporia is in Kansas, which is a LONG way from New Orleans!  Our 6 day trip included 4 days of driving.  Bleh.  But it was all worth it to surprise Clay and be able to celebrate with him!

Clay has a degree in Elementary Education and will seriously be the BEST teacher!  His professors, mentor, and the teacher he has worked under all had great things to say about him and have high hopes for Clay!

Our time was short, but we had a blast hanging out with my parents, Clay, Kylee (Clay's girlfriend whom we LOVE!), and lots of friends and family!  And Ava loved the extra attention (shocker)!

Pray with me that God will provide the perfect job for Clay . . . I can't wait for him to have his own classroom so he can hang up the prize I made him for Christmas. :)

My parents have a time-share so we're all heading to Florida this weekend for a vacation together to celebrate Clay's accomplishment!  We are SO ready for some fun in the sun and relaxation together! 


  1. That's so awesome! I will pray for him to find the perfect job!! And, I wish I knew you were driving up could have stopped in AR for a place to stay on your long drive!! Next time :-)

  2. Sweet pics, girl!! Looks like y'all had a fun time and I'm sure it was a great surprise for your bro! Geesh, 4 days of driving - that's real brotherly love!!