Sunday, May 6, 2012

Interruption . . . For Good Reason

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to bring you . . .

pictures of my adorable kids!

I've gotten some good ones recently, which happens less and less these days, so I thought I'd better share them. :)

Grayson is in a major Daddy phase.  He cries when Chad leaves and spends from 4:45 pm until Chad gets home by the window anxiously waiting to see his daddy pull up.  He's fine when Chad is gone, but when he gets home Grayson is by his side or in his arms the rest of the night.  Seriously, I get the stiff arm if I even come close.  Hurts this mama's feelings a little bit, but I know it is just a stage and I still get lots of love during the day.  Plus I don't have a wild toddler in my arms for hours . . . not really jealous of that part!


Grayson loves playing in dirt.  And not just playing in it, but eating it.  If I let him loose in the backyard, he looks like this in about 30 seconds.  You would think that one taste would do it, but he just keeps going back for more!  He has the cutest "dirty" smile you'll ever see though. :)

And man is this boy cute!  He can say "shoe" now and loves to put on shoes, his or yours!   Here he hijacked Aliyah's crocs during Life Group.  So cute trying to walk them!

Speaking of Life Group . . . we have 13 kids in our group right now!  13 kids eating and running and laughing and playing ring around the rosie in our house each week!  Such a blessing to have these families coming together to worship, pray, challenge, and encourage each other!

 We went to the zoo last week with the Fernandez girls!  Jenny and I have been friends for years and our girls LOVE each other!  So fun!

Besties . . . Noelle and Ava!

We spent the last two days in Lafayette with Chad's family . . . eating all day (isn't that what everyone does with family?!) and most importantly, getting to playing with Penelope!  Chad's sister Leigh Ann had sweet Penny one month ago and we haven't gotten to see again her since her birth.

Ava did so good holding her and giving her sweet kisses on her head and toes.  

Grayson, of course, was crazy jealous!  He wasn't about to let his Daddy give his love to another . . . even if she is a cutie pie!

In other news, I've come to realize that I don't live a very self controlled life.  The problem is clear . . .  now what?  I want to meditate on the Word, knowing that I can't fix myself.  But my Creator and Savior can (and already have really, I just need to walk in that reality).

Anyway, right now I'm soaking in Galatians 5:17-24.  So good!

If you've struggled with self-control and have overcome, please let me know Scripture that helped you and practical things that led you to walk in self control.

Iron sharpens iron . . . let's do this!

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